Here are some questions that are constantly asked regarding our upcoming hunt test in November 2010.

Q: My dog is not UKC registered, can he still enter?

A: Yes, dogs may participate in this test without being UKC registered. Non-UKC registered dogs participating in have 60 days after passing the test to become UKC registered and have their Championship points applied to their record. A fee will be charged by UKC for application of points to a dog’s record if not registered within 60 days. If your dog is not UKC registered by the start of the test, there will be a $3 charge added to each day’s entry.

Q: I am not a member of HRC, can I still enter my dogs?

A: Yes, there is a $5 charge for entries into the seasoned, finished and/or upland category. No charge for puppy entries or started entries. This rule applies to the OWNER of the dog, not the handler. Meaning if Scott Baldwin handles a dog and does not have the HRC# of the owner (or the owner isn’t an HRC member), there is a $5 charge.

Q: Can I enter a dog in upland on Saturday as well as started/seasoned/finished that same day?

A: Yes.

Q: Are you doing a puppy / young handler test, and if so, what does it entail?

A: Yes, entry fee is $10. Every entrant will get a ribbon, regardless of performance. Any “young handler” or adult handler with a puppy can enter. It will take place on Saturday around lunch time. Each dog will have the chance to see 2 single land marks and 2 single water marks. They can run any and/or all of the 4 marks.

Q: Is food provided?

A: There is a restaurant on-site that will have breakfast and lunch available for purchase each day. Dinner on Saturday night is included for all handlers.

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